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Printing Specifications

Client: BambaDesign
Project: Massillon Museum, Zinsmeister Parker Catalog
Quantity: 600
Flate size: 47.75˜ x 6.75˜
Folded to: 8˜ x 6.75˜
Outside: four color process
plus two spot colors and spot
gloss varnish
Inside: two spot colors
Band: process plus two spot
colors and spot gloss varnish
Stock: McCoy Silk, 80# cover



As a high-impact graphic design firm, the finished piece has to transmit the powerful emotions envisioned during the concept and design stages. Bates Printing is the strategic partner that allows us to fulfill our vision. To us, Bates Printing IS printing. Decades of experience, attention to detail, and a sincere desire to run a business as a business should be run ensures that we are absolutely content with the finished product. Our deepest gratitude goes out to each member of the Bates Printing team.

Hector Cabarcas
President, BambaDesign


BambaDesign Print Sample PictureBambaDesign Print Sample Picture
BambaDesign Print Sample Picture